Denver’s Forgotten TV Walk of Fame

Jackie Coogan -Uncle Fester - Denver's Walk of Fame

If you venture up towards 11th ave and Bannock St, you’ll come across a walk down memory lane. At 1089 Bannock Street (Rocky Mountain PBS Studio) you will find the remains of Denver’s short-lived TV walk of fame.

Back in the 1960s, when the city of Denver was still coming into its own, KBTV Channel 9 came up with the idea to make its own walk of fame with the celebrities who visited the studio. An ambitious idea that never seemed to quite take off. After all, the generic office building on Bannock St. doesn’t quite hold the same grandeur as the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Denver's TV Walk of Fame

Unfortunately, these autographs etched in cement are not long for this world. The current building is at risk of being demolished as more and more of the Denver landscape continues to be changed in order to accommodate the growing population.  As of 2015, the building was given a “certificate of non-historic status”, which means the area is free to be demolished at any time.  Rocky Mountain PBS is set to be moved to the newly created Buel Public Media Center in early 2020.

Denver TV Walk of FameDenver TV Walk of FameDENVER TV WALK OF FAMEDenver TV Walk of FameDenver TV Walk of Fame20180512_16385020180512_163820

There is hope that either Channel 9 or someone else will take pity of these relics from television’s past. Unfortunately, it looks like time has not been kind to many of the imprints. Let’s just hope that a new home will be found for the ones that are still in one piece.

Most notable autographs

  • Linda Evans

Most known for her role in “Dynasty”, which was set in Denver by the way. “The Big Valley” was one of her earlier roles.

  • Charleston Heston 

Most known for roles like Ben-Hur and Planet of the Apes. Probably the biggest star on the walk of fame.

  • Jack Kelly

He was one of the main stars from the Maverick TV show. My dad sometimes binges this show on MeTV.

  • Jackie Coogan 

The original Uncle Fester from the Addams Family!

  • Roy Rogers

One of the most iconic western stars of the era. His autograph also includes the names of his dog (Bullet) and his horse (Trigger).

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