Made in Colorado Spotlight: Margot Elena

When you think of Colorado goods, fine fragrances and luxury body products are probably the last things that come to mind. After all, those things tend to go against the state’s rough and tumble cowboy persona. That of course, never stopped indie darling,  Margot Elena from pursuing her dream of establishing a line of bath and body treasures.

I think that, out in Colorado, we have literally our own headspace around us and we can tell a really unique story, and I think that that has been one of the reasons that we have always been one of the innovators instead of one of the followers,” –Margot Elena  Source: 303 Magazine

Margot ELENA
Margot Elena in her Englewood    Photograph by Rebecca Stumpf    Office Source:5280 Magazine

The Canadian native made her way to Colorado in 2000 to open up her first boutique.  She sold her first world-renown brand, Lollia to the curious shoppers on Boulder’s Pearl St.  Elena has what she calls a “busy brain”, so other brands soon followed such as Tokyomilk, The Cottage Greenhouse, Library of Flowers, etc.

margot elena fabrics
Fabrics & patterns by Margot Elena Source: Sew4Home

What makes Margot Elena Products so Unique?

Fun Packaging – One of the coolest things about Margot Elenna products isn’t just the fact that each item is packaged beautifully, it’s the tiny fun surprises that you find on the packaging. You will find things like poems, playlist recommendations or even kissing tips

The Chance to Create Your Own Unique Scent – Each Margot Elena scent is made to be worn alone or it can be layered with another scent, giving you the chance to create a fragrance that is uniquely you. All brands have their own unique persona, so there is guaranteed to be something for you.

Great Value –  Margot Elena offers affordable luxuries for the modern-day woman. There is something available for any budget, but if you want to get more bang for your buck, be on the lookout for seasonal sales, warehouse sales, or you can invest in a seasonal subscription box.

Display of TokyoMilk products at Trunk Nouveau Credit: Denverite Express

Check out my video below for more info on Margot Elena and to watch me unbox the Margot Elena Spring 2020 subscription box



Check out Margot Elena’s different fine fragrance brands

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