Hope in the Time of Corona (Denver)

Denver in the time of Corona (1)

It’s amazing how quickly things have changed. I don’t think anyone would have foreseen to see the world as it is today a month ago.  It was surreal to see the once vibrant streets of Broadway, now empty with boarded-up stores and restaurants. 

The artists of Denver are fighting back against the doom and the gloom by creating works of art on top of the plywood that now adorns the many buildings on Broadway.

Credit: Denverite Express
The Original Punchbowl Social facing an uncertain future. Credit: Denverite Express
Not much socializing happening at Denver’s Punchbowl Social. Credit: Denverite Express
Credit: Denverite Express
Credit: Denverite Express

Erika Righter, the owner of a gift shop called Hope Tank started the movement and even started a GoFundMe campaign to assist business owners who couldn’t afford the materials needed to protect their businesses from vandals. Her GoFundMe isn’t just to pay for materials, she also wants to support artists who have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

Pictured: Haute Mess Beauty Bar and The Irish Rover Pub (Credit: Denverite Express)
Hope Tank
Righter in front of her store mural        Source: 303 Magazine  (Photographer: Marla Keown)
Poems outside of Hope Tank   (Credit: Denverite Express)

“Instead of driving and walking past blocks of boarded-up storefronts that remind us of our fear and anxiety….let’s give our community hope!” –  Righter

Quote Source: 303 Magazine



New murals are popping daily, helping to keep Broadway from turning into a complete ghost town. Even though many businesses have chosen to shut their doors completely, there are many that are still hanging on.  So, if you happen to be around Broadway, why not carry out a meal from La Loteria or gather the materials you need for a DIY project from Fancy Tiger.  Every little contribution helps keep the Denver community that we know and love alive.

Show Your Support

Click here to purchase something from Hope Tank 

Click here to support Broadway’s Community Brick and Mortar Board-Up

Click here to learn how you can support other Colorado Small Businesses 

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