Spending the Night at a Haunted Victorian Hotel (The Black Monarch)

Monarch Hotel (2)

Everyone knows about the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estas Park that inspried Stephan King to write his horror masterpiece “The Shining”. The Stanley isn’t isn’t the only hotel in Colorado filled with an otherwordly presence. About an hour west from Colorado Springs lies the almost forgotten mining town of Victor.

Today, Victor plays host to a small assortment of eateries and shops, including an antique store that holds the “World Famous Broom Wall“, a series of abandoned buildings, and a haunted hotel…or two.

Back in October, I spent the night at The Black Monarch for my birthday. This macabre themed boutique hotel may have a far more intriguing and scandalous past than the widely known Stanley. At one time this Victorian jewel was one of the finest gentlemen’s clubs in the West and entertained guests from all over as a casino, saloon, and a brothel.

The Monarch
Credit:Denverite Express
Au Croatoen
Credit:Denverite Express
Credit:Denverite Express

Today, The Black Monarch is a Gothic-Victorian themed boutique hotel filled to the brim with strange and unusual curiosities. Guests can currently stay in four rooms themed after Black Annis, Elizabeth BathoryH. H. Holmes, and Nikola Tesla. It’s a work in progress, with more rooms, a bar, a cafe, and event spaces to come in the future. Don’t let the creepy aesthetic fool you, the current owner is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the building’s original architecture. 

What about my stay? I can’t say it was anything less than excellent. I was lucky enough to stay in the Nikola Tesla room. Rumor has it that Nikola Tesla himself was even involved with the installation of AC electricity in the town of Victor and in the very building itself.

The Black Monarch (Nikola Tesla Room)
Credit:Denverite Express
The Black Monarch 3
Credit:Denverite Express
The Black Monarch Tesla
Credit:Denverite Express
The Black Monarch 6
Credit:Denverite Express

One of my favorite things about The Black Monarch is all the amazing knick-knacks and books hidden in each room. I had a wonderful time browsing through all the unique and scandalous titles. There was even an adult pop-up book about naughty Victorians. I also found hints of little puzzels in my room potentially hinting at special secrets designated for Black Monarch Society members.  I also couldn’t help, but leave a little surprise myself. 🙂

Is the building actually haunted? I personally didn’t experience anything too out of the ordinary. There were doors that would randomly open, but that is not strange for a building that can be a little drafty in some sections. One of the friends I was staying with mentioned hearing some laughing towards the end of the witching hour.  Of course, it’s important to note that we were not the only ones in the building.  There was certainly a couple in the room next to us.

Who knows, maybe my friend had a paranormal experience. Here is a quote from The Black Monarch website:

“Guests have reported waking in the night to the sounds of women laughing and men shouting, only to find the next day they were the only people staying in the building.”

If you do find yourself at The Black Monarch hotel, don’t forget to make time to explore the town of Victor itself and the surrounding area. Each shop and restaurant holds a unique story and urban explorers will be blown away by the numerous vacant buildings in the area.

It’s crazy to think that at one time Victor had over 18,000 residents, making it one of the more established populations in Colorado at one time.  Unfortunately, the population began to dwindle after mines began to deplete, a series of violent strikes, and men were lost to World War I. Today, there is less than 1,000 residents who call Victor their permanent home.  One can’t help, but wonder what Victor might have been like in a different timeline.

Victor, Colorado 2
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor, Colorado 1
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor Hotel
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor, Colorado 3
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor, Colorado 6
Credit:Denverite Express
Bar in Victor, CO
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor, Colorado 4
Credit:Denverite Express
Victor,Colorado 5
A series of refreshed ghost signs   Credit:Denverite Express
Victor, Colorado Cemetery
Credit:Denverite Express

I really did enjoy my time up in Victor. There were quite a few things I was unable to explore. I certainly can’t wait to make my way back when the weather is a little warmer.

Monarch Hotel Copy (1)


The Black Monarch Special

Grand news! The Black Monarch is currently selling their gift certificates at half-price. $10 = $20 $50 = $100  $100 = $200  The gift certificates are transferable and they never expire! Hurry though. This deal is only available through May 15th, 2020.  Make your purchase here. 


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