Spending the Night at a Haunted Victorian Hotel (The Black Monarch)

Monarch Hotel (2)

Everyone knows about the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estas Park that inspried Stephan King to write his horror masterpiece “The Shining”. The Stanley isn’t isn’t the only hotel in Colorado filled with an otherwordly presence. About an hour west from Colorado Springs lies the almost forgotten mining town of Victor.

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View the Changing Aspens in a Graveyard

Last weekend I did something unexpected, instead of viewing the changing leaves in well known areas such as Kebler Pass or Maroon Bells; I saw the changing leaves in an old graveyard.

It was my lovely friend’s idea and I can say that it was much more invigorating than just seeing¬† trees on a roadside pass. Nestled in the town of Central City lies a series of cemeteries. The most notable one in the area is called Knights of Pythias Cemetery.


I sadly cannot find too much info on the history of this particular cemetery. It does not seem to be the only grave-site with that name in the United States. Doing a bit of research, I have found that the Knights of Pythias is a secret society that was founded in the mid to late 1800s. In order to become a member of the Knight of Pythias, you must be over the age of 18, not drink or gamble and believe in a supreme being. Interesting enough, famous figures such as Louis Armstrong and Franklin D. Roosevelt are reported as being part of this society.

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Happy Colorado Day!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Denverite Express. In the future you will find posts dedicated to hidden treasures,  forgotten histories, or just curious finds I come across relating back to my home in Colorado and the American West. Here I hope to establish a sense of appreciation for the unique world I have grown with and to also expand my horizons .

Today is Aug. 1st, Colorado day, so I thought today would be the perfect day to begin the little adventures I wish to take you all on.

Copy of Love Colorado

At the moment posts will be restricted to primarily on a monthly basis, but I hope to be more active in the future. If you need something to tie you over, check out my work on Messy Nessy Chic or just check out the website in general. It’s a rabbit hole full of interesting little treats.